Yonahlossee Stables offers the equestrian many different outlets. If you are in town for a short period of time or hope to call Boone your home, we have several different avenues to board or lease a horse for a short or long term.


Showing-As our students progress, we will look for appropriate shows to take them to. We have gone to Arabian Championship shows and we wil be doing Hunter/Jumper shows. We will start with local unrated shows and move to rated shows.

 Fall 2021-We currently have a show team with 7 students. We have started with showing at TTC-Thouroughbred Training Center in the Hunter divisions. We will schedule at least one show a month. 

The cost of shows is dependent on location and duration. Show costs include, but are not limited to: Trailering of horses, trainer fee,horse use fee, trainer transportation, stall fee, meal fee, registration fee, classes, hotel accommodations when applicable. 

Full Boarding

Full Day: $50 plus trailer parking
Week: $300   plus trailer parking
Monthly: $750


Our lessons are for any level of riding and any age! You will learn basic grooming skills, parts of the horse, different types of tack, and how to care for your horse. Whether you're just learning the basics, getting back in the saddle, or improving your riding skills, Yonahlossee Stables is the place to be!

Our lesson program is designed to evolve riders into very experienced  knowledgeable riders, whether their goal is to own a horse for pleasure riding or to compete at any level show. To accomplish that, it is important to understand that consistency is important. After the initial lesson and it is determined that a student has the desire to continue with lessons, it is highly recommended that they take part in our Academy School with weekly lessons each month throughout the school year session and the summer session, with no interruptions in between months. Having an indoor arena allows us to contiue with lessons throughout the colder months and any inclement weather. When riders have long gaps between lessons,the return to lessons requires that the instructor must start almost from the beginning again. Whatever the goal  of riding is, becoming a proficient rider will provide the best chance of success on the trail or in the show ring!

Our Lesson Structure      Academy School- Lessons are required weekly throughout the School year session and we offer a Summer session as well. We offer Saturday mornings at 9 for rescheduling There are no rollover lessons into the following month. Rates are $235/month to be paid at the beginning of each month. 

      Drop in Lessons- These are for students who are unable to committ to a weekly schedule and also for more experienced riders that seek the occassional refresher lesson. Lessons cannot be scheduled in advance but the week or day of the desired time. Rates are $60 and must be paid 24 hours in advance. Venmo is accepted for ease of payment. Cancellations are not refunded.

      Seasonal Lessons-We have many students who visit the High Country during Holidays and Summer and return to us every year. Lessons can be scheduled in advance to accommodate vacations. Rates are $70.

      Leadline Lessons- For age 5-6. 30 minute lessons which incude 15 minutes on a horse and 15 minutes preparation of tack/horse. Rates are $180/monthly

Regular lessons are one hour in length, with tacking up and horse after care inculded in that time. 

We will soon be adding group lessons.







Leasing horses are meant for the rider taking lessons at our barn when they advance beyond the lesson horse.It is the next progression from riding on a lesson horse. If we do not have any horses  to lease for our lesson riders,we wil outsource one for a fee. Fees would be dependant on each search.Looking for the right horse can take hours of time and travel.