Riding Lessons

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Yonahlossee Stables offers lessons for students of all ages and experience levels. Our excellent staff has extensive experience working with riders and horses as a team, building confidence in order to improve skills. Whether you or your child are just starting out, or you are an experienced rider preparing for shows, we can help you meet your goals.

Collette McNell runs our lesson program. She comes from a family of Equestrians spanning three generations. Her lesson and clinic programs range from riders 6 years old and up.  Instruction for beginning riders to riders that want to improve their skills to those now competing in top level shows. Our goal is to provide the best English riding instruction in hunter/jumper, dressage, and english pleasure in the High Country.

We want our riders to have an enjoyable and productive lesson so we ask that you show up with enough time to be ready for your appointed lesson time. For beginner riders, your lesson time will include tack up and tack down within the lesson time for the first ten lessons. So if your lesson is from 3-4, you can expect to be at the barn for that hour. After ten lessons, and for more advanced riders, your lesson time will not include tack up and tack down so we ask that you show up approximately 20 minutes prior to your lesson time and expect to stay approximately 20 minutes after your lesson time to adequately attend to your horse. Please keep this in mind when scheduling your lessons. If you cant be there before 3 say, please do not schedule a lesson for 3 as you need to be ready to be in the arena at the actual lesson time. We want our riders to have a complete horse experience while learning to ride  at our stables and that can include spending extra time at the barn when your schedule allows to just enjoy being around the horses and the barn. We welcome you to stay after your lesson is over to enjoy time at the barn outside your lesson. Learning to ride is so much more than being on the horse so we encourage all our riders to be part of our barn family.

For beginner riders, all you need to start off with is are appropriate boots. They must have a low heel. No sneakers, sandals or shoes that are flat on the bottom. We provide helmets. You do not need to have "riding" clothes,but long pants are required. No shorts. 

We focus on safety and so we do have rules. Horses are spooked quite easily, so please show caution when the horses are out out of their stalls and tied up in the cross ties. Always have your helmet on when riding. Please no running around the barn,inside or out. 

Our goal is to provide riders a first rate experience in learning to ride and to enjoy and have a great time, while becoming proficeint at the sport. Always feel free to talk to us about concerns.

Lesson Pricing 

       School Session-$240.00 per month. This rate is not per lesson in a month but per month. Some months there will be 4 times, some months 5 times and some months 3 times due to holidays and days fall in the month In the end, it all evens out. Monthly lesson rates give priorty to days and times. It is expected that that schedule be adhered to. A few makeups are allowed if a lesson is missed but after missing continual lessons, the montly rate would no longer apply and the ala carte rate of $80.00 would apply.

        Lessons taken randomly without a set day and time are $80.00. per lesson.

        Group lessons on a monthly basis are $ 215.00 --There are no makeups for group lessons unless the entire group rescedules for the same time. Group lessons for the beginner rider can begin 3-6 months after the first lesson. It is very beneficial to learn in group settings as well as individual instruction. Twice a week instruction for each would be an ideal goal.

        Second child rate is $215.00

        Payments are expected with the first lesson of the month. We take cash and checks. If paying with cash, please put in an envelope clearly marked with name and date of lesson. 

      Summer Session-June, July, and August months often have people away, so we offer a prepay rate of $240.00 for 4 lessons or the ala carte rate of $80.00.

       We have many people who visit the High Country in the summer months who are just looking for one or two lessons during thier stay. The rate is $100.00.

       2019-2020 Holiday scedule-no lessons

        September 2, November 28-29, December 24- January 1, May 25, July 4.