Yonahlossee Stables offers the equestrian many different outlets. If you are in town for a short period of time or hope to call Boone your home, we have several different avenues to board or lease a horse for a short or long term.




Full Day: $100 
Week: $300   
Monthly: $900

Trailer parking at no additional  charge if available

Included in board:

Grain 2 x daily

Hay 4 x daily


Turmout daily weather permitting

Daily stall cleaning with fresh shavings - one time additional picking stall with existing shavings

One blanketing per day when needed

Any other services are subject to additional fees

Leasing horses are meant for the rider taking lessons at our barn when they advance beyond the lesson horse.It is the next progression from riding on a lesson horse. If we do not have any horses  to lease for our lesson riders,we wil outsource one for a fee. Fees would be dependant on each search.Looking for the right horse can take hours of time and travel. Please talk to us if you are interested in leasing.